Our Hair Transplant Services

Here you will find a short summary of the types of hair transplantation operations we offer, the situations where they are applicable, as well as details on operation pricing and transportation.

Hair Transplant Services

FUE - Follicular Unit Excision

For achieving the best results even in cases of high level androgenic alopecia.

FUT - Follicular Unit Transplant

Enables the transplantation of high volumes of hair in a single operation.

LHT - Long Hair Transplant

Long hair transplantation allows previewing the results right after the surgery.

Additional Services

Eyebrow Transplant

We are conducting body hair transplantation operations, including eyebrow restoration, and other body hair transplantations

Beard Transplant

We are conducting body hair transplantation operations, including beard restoration, and other body hair transplantations

Training Program for Doctors and Nurses

We offer training courses for doctors and nurses. The program includes on-site hands-on experience with actual operations and covers all hair transplantation techniques, including.

Hair Transplant Price

Visit our hair transplant price page to find out how much hair transplant costs in different countries. For a personalized offer, please get in touch with us.

Postoperative Instructions

In this postoperative care guide, we will walk you through step by step the most important instructions you have to follow. This will ensure a smooth postoperative recovery and effective hair transplant results.


Travel & Accommodation with All-Inclusive Packages

We are offering all-inclusive packages, including hotel stay and airport transportation


Where do we conduct hair transplant procedure?

We are conducting operations worldwide in different locations, see our locations below to find our more.

Where we always conduct consultations & operations


Where we regularly conduct consultations & operations


Moscow, Russia


Yerevan, Armenia


Odesa, Ukraine