Beard Transplant

A beard transplant is a surgical procedure that involves transplanting hair follicles from one part of the body, usually from the head or body hair, to the beard area. The objective of this procedure is to enhance the density and fullness of a patchy or thin beard.

The surgery is carried out by Dr. Akaki Tsilosani or other competent doctors, and the length of the procedure varies depending on the scope of the transplant. Generally, it takes several hours to complete.


Concept Of Beard Transplant

In the process, the hair follicles are meticulously extracted from the donor site, which is usually the head or body hair, and implanted onto the beard area. The implanted hair will have the same growth pattern as your scalp hair and can be groomed and fashioned like a typical beard.

With a growing number of men desiring to enhance their facial hair and overall appearance, beard transplants have gained popularity. The outcomes of this procedure are long-lasting and can provide men with a more voluminous, denser, and defined beard aesthetic.

Benefits of Beard Transplant


Without scarring

A major benefit of the beard transplant using the FUE technique is that it leaves no visible scar. Only minor, dot-like scars or depigmentation in the donor area may occur, which are imperceptible to the naked eye.


Fewer post-operative discomfort

After a beard transplant using the FUE technique, there is reduced postoperative discomfort. The procedure is performed without the need for cuts or stitches, enabling a smoother recovery period without significant complications.


Instantaneous confirmation of natural look

Outcomes may be noticeable immediately following the procedure. Both the patient and the doctor can promptly confirm the natural appearance of the transplanted hairs in the beard.

Drawbacks of Beard Transplant


It takes several months for a transplanted beard to grow.

Although patients can have an idea of what the final outcome will resemble, it requires several months for the transplanted hair to grow completely and the results to be fully achieved. Throughout this period, the beard region might be delicate and susceptible.

When is a Beard Transplant suitable?

A beard transplant is suitable for men looking to increase thickness and volume in their beard to improve their overall facial appearance. It is advised for men with sparse or uneven beard growth, or those who have lost beard hair due to injury, genetics, or other medical issues. In other words, it is for anyone who wishes to restore their hair.

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Beard Transplantation at the Tsilosani Hair Transplantation Institute

A beard transplant falls under the umbrella of BHT (Body Hair Transplant), a technique that enables hair to be harvested from various body parts such as the beard, chest, groin, and legs. In essence, BHT is similar to FUE but is applied to different areas of the body.

At our clinic, Akaki Tsilosani, along with our other expert physicians, has been utilizing the BHT (beard transplant) method since 2003. This allows us to acquire several thousand additional grafts to address significant hair loss and donor area depletion.

Known for our highly competent and experienced medical team, Tsilosani Clinic employs cutting-edge techniques and technology to deliver optimal hair transplant results, including beard transplants. We tailor our approach to each individual case and collaborate closely with patients to determine the precise beard line for the transplant.

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Beard Restoration

Beard Transplant

We know that you may have numerous inquiries regarding beard transplants and beard restorations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us through WhatsApp, E-mail, or by scheduling a consultation. Dr. Tsilosani and our team will be more than happy to address your concerns or arrange a complimentary consultation.

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